Friday, February 26, 2010

The Moment of Truth...

I have been meditating daily for about six weeks now, completed my dream board, set goals, wrote them down, and given weekly tithes. I have prayed and had others pray for me. I am attending a new church with more prayers and meditation.

One important aspect of goal setting is to believe that it is possible and act like what you have asked for is on it's way. So if your goal is to take a trip to Europe, you should go get your passport. I had a gift card from Target so I picked up some pregnancy tests, cocoa butter lotion and a belly band. I am getting pregnant soon, right? Then the cashier congratulated me. I actually kind of excited to be congratulated.

Tomorrow morning I am taking a pregnancy test. I am a little nervous because testing tomorrow will be an outward sign if all of my internal work is successful. I just hope I can continue to be optimistic if things don't go my way tomorrow.


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