Monday, April 19, 2010


I had an amazing dream over the weekend that really changed my perspective. I was at the airport waiting for a flight. My friend, Marta was there. I met Marta at a fertility yoga class at Pulling Down the Moon. Marta kept taking short flights to places, coming back to the airport again and taking another flight elsewhere. All the while, I waited. I had trouble finding the place to check in and I was frustrated and concerned I was going to miss my flight.

After processing the dream, I thought I should try IVF. The general feeling in my dream was worry and frustration. I needed to find out how to check in to make sure I wouldn't miss my plane.

I called to make an appointment for an IVF consult for a week from today. I found a place that had a coupon online. I know a coupon for medical treatment seems like a really strange concept, but if a coupon is what it takes to get the job done, I'm all for it.


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