Thursday, April 08, 2010

Getting Stop Signs

I went to a Resolve meeting last night - a support group for those struggling with infertility. They offered their stories and suggestions. One talked about going to another state for less expensive IVF which seems like a good option. Another discussed trying to be a part of a clinical trial. I searched online for fertility clinics when I got home and very few clinics put their prices on the site so it's difficult to tell who is affordable or not. I searched for clinical trials and found one in New York. I filled out the paperwork online, but I am hesitant. First of all, it's in New York so it would require me to make 20-25 trips to New York for the next 6 months or so. It also requires a series of tests to get started, including genetic testing which can run upwards of $500 just for the one test. So I feel like this is a stop sign. There are so many things that are getting in the way of us going through IVF, whether it's not having insurance, the price, the distance to an affordable clinic, etc. Nothing seems to be giving us the green light.

I emailed the organization that I ordered the online consults with. I would have hoped to have heard something from them by now since I finished filling out the intake form on Monday. I told them I'd like a refund. I am hoping they are able to do that for me. I have been feeling really guilty about spending so much.


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