Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I straightened my basement for the good part of the morning and bought a few things to start planting my seeds tomorrow. I purchased an online consultation to have my Chinese medical diagnosis and to have some herbs prescribed. I realize that I have been eating poorly all of my life and I was hoping some herbs will help me to get my body in tip top shape a little quicker.

I bought it online on Friday. I received an intake form to fill out late Monday afternoon and I finished it up and sent it back by the close of the business day on Monday. As of now, I haven't heard back from them. I didn't realize it was a completely e-mail consult. I thought I would be talking to someone on the phone. I don't quite understand how they are going to fully diagnose my issues just having read an intake form - no follow up questions. Oh well. What is done is done. I guess I will continue to wait.


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